Data Glove & Head Tracking Device


During our third semester in the studies of the Master program Media Direction at the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt, Germany we developed a data glove that is able to detect gestures and is trackable via the motion capturing system “Vicon”. Furthermore, 3D glasses were enhanced with markers to allow for head tracking in a virtual environment.

In addition to the hardware, we were working on a virtual testing environment. Using Unity3D, we build an application that is able to detect gestures and can be used as a demonstrator for our devices.







The data glove is an Arduino device build using a Lilypad and bending sensors to measure the movement of the fingers. The device is connected via Bluetooth and therefore fitted with a battery. To allow for calibration of the glove, a push button and a LED is added.






Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Torsten Fröhlich